• Every Member contributes a fixed amount of 200 every month. Some contributes even more voluntarily.

  • We spread a word within our circles for searching mumimeen who cannot afford to visit Karbala Moalla & Najaf e Ashraf.

  • We take applications from those mumineen in prescribed format and select on specific criteria & sometimes even through lucky draw (if no. of applications are more & if there is any ambiguity in coming to any conclusion for selecting the right candidate)

  • We carry out a background check of the applications received in order to make a fair decision.

  • The selected candidate is informed about the date of their trip & all trip arrangements are done by Al Anwar on candidate’s behalf so that the sanctioned amount isn’t utilized for any other purpose by the candidate other than ziarat.

  • If the number of genuine applications are more, then we carry them forward for the next round of selection.

  • All decisions about working of Al Anwar are taken by our dedicated team but suggestions from other members are always welcomed & put ahead for consideration


On following criteria applications are considered.

  • AGE of the applicant

  • FAMILY Per Capita Income

  • LOCAL JAMAAT will be contacted in exceptional cases when management has a mixed opinion

  • CANDIDATE suffering from any serious disease

  • PREFERENCE in case of a widow

  • IMMEDIATE family status, education & family earnings.

  • PAST ZIARAT History

**All the above criteria are flexible on case to case basis.